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It is now possible to hold worldwide elections for a non-governmental World Assembly that would represent people the way the U.N. represents governments. Even in the most remote areas people can choose a local representative who has access to telephone, cell phone, or two-way radio. This representative will give people a direct way to express their views and hear the views of others.

Such a World Assembly would immediately have tremendous social and moral authority, without requiring governments to give up any power or even to formally acknowledge its existence. On issues where representatives from the whole world reach a consensus (such as ending slavery or biological war-making capabilities), governments will face strong pressure to cooperate. On issues where there is a true diversity, even the strongest governments will be more cautious in taking action.


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Funding is provided by the Raynault Foundation
The Raynault Foundation, a small 501(c)3 non profit corporation, is sponsoring this as part of its effort to extend the choices available to everyone. Previous activities include:

  • Sponsoring the formation of a Charter School in 1997, mainly serving the minority community in northern New Jersey.
  • Producing a document in 1996 on how government budgets could be organized to be self policing and more understandable to voters.
  • Sponsoring seminars on democratic elections in Eastern Europe in 1993 involving  IFES, the Democracy After Communism Foundation, and the Hungarian Election Foundation.
  • Producing a series of papers in 1991 on ways the states of the former Soviet Union could restructure that would minimize ethnic conflict while encouraging economic development.



Coming Events

Student World Assembly News

July, 2004: Convention in California Students in the world wide effort to spread democracy will be meeting to exchange ideas and decide on the next phase.

May, 2004: Delegate Campaign Students intending to be delegates to the July convention will be collecting proxy votes from those unable to attend

Prior Events

March, 2004: Students, Ambassadors, media, NGO’s and other interested parties attended a reception across from the U.N. to hear about the Student World Assembly’s progress and view the campaign by the first delegates.

September, 2003: Students launched the first phase of the Student World Assembly in California, allowing students from all 5 continents to become involved in participatory democracy.

August, 2003: Students agree to assume a major role in implementing a Student World Assembly.

June, 2003: California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, agrees to co-sponsor with the Raynault Foundation a Student World Assembly for the coming year.

Past News

1946: United Nations formed to allow all nations to be heard on international issues

July, 1960: Paul Raynault joins the growing list of those who believe that people should have a direct vote in a world body

May 19, 2001:: First Complete Description of World Assembly Concept

May, 2003: First use of Vivarto software by World Assembly Network to allow involved parties to discuss alternative names

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